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Launch of the Pura Vida Costa Rican Seafood & Aquaculture brand

On November 11, 2021, the launch of the Pura Vida Costa Rican Seafood & Aquaculture brand will take place. The event program includes a training module in which general topics about the Ocean Economy project will be addressed, information on collective brands and attendees will be trained in topics such as regulations for use, graphic components and how to use them. as well as the promotion strategy and scope of the collective brand Pura Vida Costa Rican Seafood and Aquaculture. These modules will be taught by UNCTAD, DOALOS, and marketing and intellectual property professionals. Subsequently, the launch of the brand to the general public will be carried out, where the brand, uses and scope will be presented to other possible users and mainly to its eventual consumers. During the day and in the different stages of the event, representatives of CANEPP, INCOPESCA, COMEX, DOALOS and UNCTAD will participate.


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